To-Do list for success. Time management: Theory & Practice

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Time Management is getting more and more popular day by day. People want to be more successful, proactive and wealthy. It is not new to everyone that there are common time wasters in our lives. Watching TV all evening long, spending too much time on the Internet, having a very long conversation over the phone, and, my favorite one, doing trifles instead of going bed and loosing your precious sleep; these are common time wasters that you already know of.

If you eliminate all these things, you will start to practice Time Management. Why try to save minutes if we are loosing years? Are you born to save minutes to schedule more deeds into your already full 24-hour day? And yet loose a whole year on doing something that is not going to help you achieve success in my life.

Find out more about your inner talents, discover your resources, apply yourself in work you love and believe in what you do; that is how you become successful. In our days, we are encouraged to make our best choices to create opportunities for ourselves: get the education and work on the experience we need to move forward.

After you have set up your Major LIFE Goals, envisioned precisely what you need for yourself (car, apartment, house, business, motorbike and water scooter), now, it is time to create conditions and opportunities for yourself to reach all of that.


First of all, define what is success for you? Everybody has a personal definition and vision of success. The only amendment I would make here is that Your Life Success is embraced in your Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit (also add your captivating Sub-consciousness).

When you plan your Life Success, you ought to include:

Taking a good care of your Body. A good appearance is a reflection of your internal success, and the first step for you to  attract other people.

Feed your Mind with new information and positive mood. Let your thoughts grow and develop. That is how you will be able to find ways to create more opportunities of your talent implementation, open new prospects to your personal success. Let your Mind be like Water. Don’t overload it, otherwise, the Water might boil. Work decent hours a day.

Embrace your Soul. Listen to your inner desires, don’t ignore your inner voice.

Communicate with the most intelligent person; You. Speak to other people, share your ideas and tools that you use to achieve your personal success. That is how you will be able to create your team and organize everybody around you as well as yourself.

Listen to your Spirit. Develop a close relationship with your inner intuition. Increase Confidence in yourself. Overcome any procrastination and let yourself move forward in search of new ideas and revelation of your inner resources. Say STOP to any unbelieving in your potentials. Support and comfort yourself in your every effort to change things in your life. Embrace everything worthy and beautiful that life has to offer. Love yourself.

Organize yourself, implement new habits into your daily routine. (Take a close look how millionaires do it.) Develop million dollar habits in yourself.

Start planning your every single day. Use the most powerful and easy technique; a To-Do List.

Set up your long-term goals, and then think how they can be divided into short-term goals. Remember, all major things in this life can be divided into small ones and fulfilled one after another. For example, music consists of 7 separate notes; all the greatest masterpieces consist of 6 basic colors; even a car consists of separate parts. Consider your goals, break them into smaller ones, and then create a To-Do List of what you can do on everyday basis, step by step, in order to achieve your major goal.

Implement relaxation into your daily schedule. I am sure you are already working hard to achieve what you want. The Road itself will show you the Best Route. If you are fixed on your goal and focused only on it, you miss the journey of getting there. That is why the best solution is to move to your goals while you are still having relaxation and rest. Pay a close attention to where you are, at what stage, be calm and gain interest in the process of life. That is how you will be able to see new chances on your road to successful achieving of your goals in less time with minimum efforts.

Set up a scheduled To-Do List of what you can do to relax every day. Add variety to it, it will give you more inspiration in what you do. It can be a short pleasure, and it will give you a lot of new energy to do more and move forward.

Find the best ways for yourself to make your To-Do List mostly productive for you. Use all possible electronic tools and devices to maintain, monitor and constantly support your Goal progress. Set up your clock, watch, organizer, iPod, cell phone, computer, laptop; everything to work on achieving your Goals. These are your silent devoted partners that will do most of organizing and keeping track job for you.

Explore the market, and deposit your money and time in creation of your Success.
Don’t be shy of your truly desired dreams.
Fulfill and implement them into your life.
Make yourself happy, inspired, and complete. That is when you will be able to make others happy too.

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