Why Less Is More Works…

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Most interior designers have one very sound advice: de-clutter. Throw away what you do not need and organize. As a rule of thumb, if you have not used something because you have not seen it, then you don’t need it. If you have done this, then you already know the basic elements of a good design.

Even Oprah has the same theory that she lives by. De-clutter your life and you’ll have success. One of her episodes even showed her team going from house to house to help families de-clutter their lives.

In the same way, marketing materials using commercial printing methods should be designed to make business easier for your customers. The overall appearance of your marketing material spells the difference as to whether people will take interest in your products and services. And if you have not noticed, well-designed, commercially printed materials outperform poorly made ones.

Well-designed materials have better chances of achieving its objective; that is, to catch someone’s attention in five seconds or less. Try handing somebody a poorly-formatted, poorly-designed flyer, postcards or business cards even, and you run the risk of losing them forever.

So how do you prepare a good design? Here are a few fast rules than you can follow. Use this guide as you work on your next project.

Keep your message clear and concise. The KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid applies equally to designing your message and your marketing piece. Most businesses try to put so many things in a message that they tend to lose the real intention.
Work yourself up from your goal to your marketing piece. Know your customers needs before you make a decision about how to fill them. Market research helps to identify which customers you would want to focus on. Aspire to be a specialist more than a generalist in targeting your customers.

Present similar kinds of information in similar ways. If you give your customers a puzzle, chances are they will not have the time to solve them. This means that you have to make it simple for them by using organized, patterned and logical sequencing.

Do not be overly flamboyant. Bold, colorful, heavy graphics? Yes, they do catch attention but sometimes it makes words difficult to read. You can experiment with a lot of fonts, sizes, colors but always remember that readability should have more weight over gimmicks.

Be practical. If you don’t understand this, you have no business whatsoever in any industry.

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